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Weknow what satvik means

In a world that is increasingly coming closer, we seek to promote the harmony of Indian culture, cuisine and architecture. We, Dakshin a South Indian Restaurant is here at your place Cambridge, to bring the pure essence of south Indian vegetarian food at your table. Best recipes and awesome spices are blended together in perfect ratio to give healthy meals to each and every one who come to us with the taste that lasts forever. We are striving hard to provide you with the taste of authentic South Indian food at your table. We are eager to receive most valued reviews from our beloved customers to help us in serving you better.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

Whoare we

We are four friends from Chennai where dosa is found on every corner of the road, so our love towards dosa is always everlasting. Once we got settled in cambridge the first search we did on google was with the keywords like “Vegan restaurant near me”, “Indian restaurant near me” and “Indian Food near me”. Every time we were fed up with travelling nearly 45 minutes from our place to taste Indian food like Dosa, meals, other vegetarian dishes, that too after crossing highway traffic, so we thought to bring a solution to it. We decided to satisfy the thirst of all the people at cambridge by providing them with a place to experience the tasty, yummy as well as gluten-free homemade food at their locality.

And that’s how Dakshin is born.

Voiceof Dakshin

Every time we eat, we are creating our future selves—you are what you eat!
Yes! Our food is directly related to our future and that’s why we provide you with the harmless dishes that add fragrance to the future;

Everything that is successful needs a unique recipe, here is ours


OurSuccess Ingredients


We ensure that the quality of all raw materials used as well as the spices are unadulterated and unique to bring the pureness of Indian cuisine!


We have been in the Indian food industry from our ancestor’s time, at Chennai, we used to make spices for many restaurants near us.


The pure magic of taste lies in the usage of appropriate ratios of spices and other raw materials our chefs are magicians who bring the best taste.


Quantity is not an option it is the priority at Dakshin, so we strongly believe that everyone will enjoy the taste of a good quantity of delicacies.