Simply South

Soups / 1 Serving

  • Chettinad Chicken soup $4.99

    Our Chettinad Chicken Soup combines slow-simmered chicken, aromatic spices, and a hint of grated coconut for an authentic South Indian experience that warms both body and soul.


  • Chicken 65 $14.99

    A delightful medley of spice-marinated, crispy-fried chicken bites, balanced with a hint of tanginess. A South Indian classic that packs a punch.

  • Nethili Meen Fry (chef special)
    (Based on availability)

    A South Indian delicacy featuring bite-sized anchovy fish marinated in aromatic spices, fried to golden perfection

  • Prawn Fry $16.99

    Succulent prawns, delicately marinated and fried to a crispy, golden brown, offer a delectable combination of tenderness and crunch.

  • King Fish Fry (Based on availability) $11.99

    A culinary masterpiece that combines the richness of kingfish with a blend of South Indian spices. Each crispy bite offers a royal symphony of flavors and textures.

Masala (Dry/Gravy)

  • Pepper Chicken Boneless $14.99, $15.99

    Tender pieces of succulent chicken, lovingly marinated and sautéed with a fragrant blend of crushed peppercorns and spices, creating a tantalizing symphony of heat and flavor.

  • Cintamani country chicken $14.99, $15.99

    A spicy, juicy and authentic delight originating from Tamil Nadu, perfect as a side dish for lunch or dinner.

  • Chettinad Chicken $13.99, $14.99

    A timeless classic from the Chettinad cuisine, this dish features tender chicken cooked in a rich blend of freshly roasted spices, coconut, and aromatic seasonings

  • Chettinad Mutton $15.99, $16.99

    A harmonious blend of succulent mutton, freshly roasted spices, coconut, and traditional seasonings, offering an authentic taste of South India.

  • Mutton chukka Boneless $16.99, $17.99

    A culinary masterpiece that perfectly balances tender mutton chunks with a medley of South Indian spices, resulting in a dish that's succulent, spicy, and utterly satisfying.

Rice 1 Serving, 2 Servings

  • Egg Biryani $8.99

    This culinary delight brings together the richness of eggs and the aromatic allure of biryani, creating a dish that's both comforting and indulgent.

  • Chennai Chicken Biryani $10.99

    Fragrant Basmati rice infused with tender chicken, aromatic spices and a touch of Chennai's authenticity, creating a harmonious medley of flavors.

  • Theni Mutton Biryani (chef special)
    (Fri, Sat, Sun)

    The exclusive rice variety from southern India Seeraga samba layered with succulent mutton, aromatic spices, and a touch of Theni's culinary tradition, crafting a dish that's a harmonious blend of heritage and taste.

  • Egg Masala with bagara rice $8.99, $13.99

    Fragrant Basmati rice entwined with boiled eggs and a fragrant blend of spices, creating a dish that's both comforting and aromatic—a perfect fusion of taste and texture.

  • Pepper Chicken with bagara rice $10.99, $15.99

    Fragrant Basmati rice infused with succulent pieces of pepper-spiced chicken, crafting a dish that's a delightful marriage of tender meat and aromatic spices.

  • Chintamani Chicken with bagara rice
    (country chicken)
    $11.99, $16.99

    Fragrant Basmati rice adorned with succulent Chintamani-spiced chicken, weaving a tale of flavors that's a harmonious symphony of taste

  • Chettinad Chicken with bagara rice $9.99, $14.99

    A captivating medley of fragrant Basmati rice, tender Chettinad-spiced chicken and an array of aromatic spices. This pulao transports your taste buds to the heart of South India.

  • Chettinad Mutton with bagara rice $11.99, $16.99

    A masterpiece of fragrant Basmati rice interwoven with succulent mutton, enriched by the robust flavors of Chettinad spices.

  • Mutton Chukka with bagara rice $12.99, $17.99

    Fragrant Basmati rice harmoniously paired with tender mutton chukka—a symphony of succulent meat, spices, and aromatic rice, delivering a pulao that's irresistible.

  • Fish Pulusu and Rice $15.99

    Succulent fish cooked in a tangy tamarind-based gravy, served alongside fragrant rice, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that captures the essence of coastal cuisine.

  • Prawn with bagara rice
    (Check for availability)
    $14.99, $19.99

    Basmati rice adorned with succulent prawns. A delicate blend of spices and the natural sweetness of prawns create the pulao more flavorful, offering a taste of coastal indulgence.

Dosa and Madurai Style Dosa

  • Chicken Keema Dosa $13.99

    A crisp, golden dosa generously filled with a flavorful mixture of spiced chicken keema, creating a delightful fusion of South Indian tastes

  • Chicken Kari Dosa $15.99

    A lusciously filled dosa featuring tender chicken kari—a savory concoction of spices and succulent chicken—resulting in a unique and delectable South Indian experience

  • Mutton Keema Dosa $15.99

    A culinary masterpiece that harmonizes the crispness of dosa with the rich flavors of spiced mutton keema. Each bite offers a delightful fusion of textures and a symphony of tastes.

  • Mutton Kari Dosa $16.99

    A delectable dosa enfolds tender mutton kari—a tantalizing mixture of succulent mutton and aromatic spices—creating a unique South Indian delight.

  • Egg Dosa $12.99

    A thin, crispy dosa envelops a perfectly cooked egg, creating a comforting and flavorsome combination that's a true South Indian delight—a satisfying treat for any time of the day.

  • Egg Uthappam $13.99

    A fluffy South Indian pancake topped with a sunny-side up egg, creating a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that's both hearty and satisfying.

Idly/Parota Combos

  • Idly Salan 3 pieces $8.99

    Soft, steamed idlies paired with a tangy and spicy salan, offering a delightful contrast of textures and a burst of South Indian taste.

  • Parotta Salan 2 pieces $10.99

    Layered flatbread served alongside a rich and spicy salan, creating a soul-satisfying duo that captures the essence of South Indian comfort food.

  • Idly 3 pieces with chicken $10.99

    This trio of comfort and indulgence brings together the classic simplicity of idlis and the robust taste of chicken for a satisfying and hearty meal.

  • Idly 3 pieces with mutton $11.99

    Three soft, steamed idlis served alongside a savory mutton curry. This combination offers the best of both worlds, where the comforting idlies meet the rich taste of tender mutton.

  • Idly 3 pieces with fish $12.99

    Three soft, steamed idlis complemented by a delectable fish curry. This harmonious combination brings together the simplicity of idlis and the savory goodness of fish.

  • Parotta 2 pieces with chicken $12.99

    Layered flatbread served alongside a rich chicken curry. This duo brings together the artistry of parotta-making and the depth of chicken curry, creating a fulfilling meal.

  • Parotta 2 pieces with mutton $13.99

    This combination melts the buttery richness of Layered flatbread with the succulent flavors of tender mutton, creating a dish that's indulgent, flavorful, and truly satisfying.

Kothu Roti

  • Egg kothu roti $9.99

    Shredded roti, sautéed with a blend of aromatic spices, tender pieces of egg, and a dash of tanginess, creating a satisfying dish that's both comforting and full of South Indian flair.

  • Chicken kothu roti $12.99

    Finely chopped roti tossed with succulent chicken pieces, aromatic spices, and a burst of flavors, creating a tantalizing dish that captures the essence of South Indian street food.

  • Mutton Kothu roti $14.99

    Finely chopped roti combined with tender mutton pieces, aromatic spices, and a fusion of tastes, crafting a dish that's a true South Indian delight.

Veechu Parota with Salan

  • Plain veechu parotta 1 pieces $5.99

    Hand-stretched to perfection, its delicate layers and understated taste make it an ideal canvas for your culinary desire. A versatile choice to enjoy the essence of parotta in its purest form.

  • Mutta Veechu Parotta (chef special) $9.99

    This hand-stretched Layered flatbread is taken to the next level with the addition of deliciously scrambled eggs, creating a harmonious fusion of textures and flavors.

  • Chicken murtabak (chef special) $13.99

    Handcrafted by our chef as a special masterpiece. A delectable fusion of seasoned chicken, delicate dough, and skilled culinary artistry, pan-fried to a golden perfection.

  • Mutton murtabak (chef special) $15.99

    Expertly crafted by our chef as a special delight. Savory minced mutton, delicate dough, and culinary finesse come together in a skillful fold, pan-fried to perfection.


  • Omelete $3.99

    Lightly beaten eggs are transformed into a fluffy masterpiece, cooked to perfection, creating a comforting and versatile option that's ideal for breakfast or any time of the day.

  • Double omelete $5.99

    Crafted from fresh eggs and complemented by a choice of fillings, this dish offers a fulfilling and versatile option, ensuring you enjoy a wholesome and delicious meal.

  • Half boil $3.99

    A comforting dish that celebrates the essence of eggs. Delight in the tender, semi-set whites and the runny, golden yolk, creating a timeless classic that's as heartwarming as it is satisfying.

  • Masala Kalaki (chef special) $6.99

    A traditional Tamil-style egg omelette, soft and fluffy, delicately crafted by folding eggs into a fragrant korma gravy, seasoned with a touch of salt, pepper, and fresh coriander leaves.

  • Egg poriyal $7.99

    Eggs are skillfully scrambled alongside onions, vibrant green chillies, aromatic spices, and the comforting touch of fragrant curry leaves.


  • Salad $6.99


  • Podi Idli $7.50

    Twin idlies tossed with spicy lentil powder and garlic garnished with ghee and served with peanut chutney

  • Idli with peanut chutney $7.50

    Steamed rice lentil cakes served with peanut chutney.

  • Kal Dosa with Peanut Chutney $8.50

    Soft pancake style crepes served with peanut chutney

  • Veg Briyani / Pulao $8.99

    Veg Pulao is a feast for the senses with colourful and nutrient-dense veggies piled a top long grain rice infused with fragrant saffron, cardamom, and bay leaves.

  • Guthi Vanki with bagara rice $8.99

    A masterpiece of fragrant basmati rice interwoven with succulent egg plant, enriched by the robust flavors of indian spices.


  • Gulab Jamun $3.99
  • Rasamalai $3.99
  • Bread Halwa $3.99
  • Sweet of the day $4.99


  • Mango Lassi $4.99
  • Pops $2.50
  • Lemon Soda (Sweet / Salt) $4.99
  • Coffee $2.50
  • Tea $2.00